County officials in Texas say they are in the dark following 'audit' announcement

A day after a press release obliquely announced that a "full forensic audit" was already underway in a handful of Texas counties, officials in many of those counties told CNN they're still in the dark about the audit plans.

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The week in 14 headlines

This week, President Joe Biden's agenda hangs in the balance. Amid a worsening migrant crisis at the southern US border and a jumbled booster shot rollout, Biden is urgently trying to mend fractures between moderate and progressive Democrats that threaten to topple his $3.5 trillion spending bill and $1 trillion infrastructure package.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explains why voting 'present' on bill to fund Israel's Iron Dome moved her to tears

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez penned a letter to her constituents Friday explaining her emotional reaction to voting "present" on a bill funding Israel's Iron Dome Aerial Defense System this week.

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