Why The Nation And White House Need To Prioritize Reproductive Justice

Improving access to and the quality of sexual and reproductive health services and supports has the power to increase bodily autonomy for all people, including those whose autonomy has historically been restricted, particularly Black and Indigenous people. Yet as with COVID-19, access to these services and supports depends heavily on where a person lives, how much money they make, and the extent to which discrimination impedes their ability to act on their reproductive decisions.

Read more: https://newsone.com/4139581/white-house-reproductive-justice/

Fired Radio Host Says He’s ‘Horrified’ He Compared Black Women’s Skin Tones To Toaster Settings

Rob Lederman, the radio host who was fired for comparing Black women's skin tones to a toaster's settings, has all of a sudden become quite contrite in his current state of unemployment.

Read more: https://newsone.com/4117073/buffalo-radio-host-black-women-toaster-comments/

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