Bryant's helicopter flew in fog that grounded other choppers


The helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant and eight others that crashed into a rugged hillside outside Los Angeles was flying in foggy conditions considered dangerous enough that local police agencies grounded their choppers. The helicopter plunged into a steep hillside at about 9:45 a.m. Sunday with an impact that scattered debris over an area the size of a football field and killed... Read more

Are we really listening to what MLK had to say?


In 2020, the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday falls in a national election year, one that reminds us of the importance of voting rights, citizenship and political activism to the health of our democracy. King imagined America as a "beloved community" capable of defeating what he characterized as the triple threats of racism, militarism and materialism. The passage of the 1964... Read more



While some would relax after eight long years in the White House, rest is something Michelle Obama isn’t doing just yet. The former first lady will be launching an Instagram video series that will premiere later this month. Obama and her initiative Reach Higher have partnered with ATTN: on a new IGTV series, “A Year of Firsts.” The series aims to empower and inspire freshman college students across the country. Each... Read more

To Take This HBCU Professor’s Class, You Have To Go To Jail


  A Washington, D.C. professor is breaking the stigma surrounding incarceration one semester at a time. Howard University professor Dr. Bahiyyah Muhammad’s passion for criminal justice reform began in college. As an undergraduate student at Rutgers University, one of her professors took her and her classmates inside a prison. “Literally that experience completely changed my life. I had never gone into a prison before... Read more 2019 Important Issues


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